Scalable, simple-to-use & top-of-the-line

One thing was clear from the start – the new platform needed to put Doggy’s web editors in the driver’s seat. The system needed to be simple and support various markets and languages. And as always, Midnight Machines takes great pride in delivering first-class design and code quality.

The solution is built in WordPress and covers all the bases that Bozita requested. It provides Doggy’s web editors with the tools they need, and the web solution also supports other features such as a loyalty program, test pouch flow, and a Breeder’s Club.

/> Client — Doggy

Doggy has been a successful Swedish company making dog and cat food since 1903. Doggy likes to keep things natural and simple. Doggy makes dog and cat food from high-quality ingredients and without any additives.


Making the most of the brand

The old website for Bozita was just out-of-date, and we needed to take it to a whole other level. Working tightly with Doggy’s brand agency, we designed a new look and feel that brought the brand on the web to new heights.

Five markets/languages

To create smooth rollouts, we set up a WordPress Multisite and used the translation plugin WPML. We exported full manuscripts to XLIFF files distributed to our external translation agencies. When the translation had been finished, we imported everything back, and the rollout was close to launching.


One of the most important things today in the digital world is the performance of your website. That means delivering performance even though you have a smashing design and beautiful images. We managed to create a platform that runs smoothly on both desktop & mobile.

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