Energizing grandparents through their grandchildren

It is quite common to do a very limited amount of exercise once you get older. Research studies have shown that older people that do exercise, have a smaller chance of falling to a higher degree. Falling is one of the most common ways for older people to end up in the hospital or worse.

But exercise can be boring, right? So, who better to motivate the older generation than the young ones? Stendahls came up with a smashing idea with Länsförsäkringar of an exercise mobile app where grandchildren can record exercise videos and then send them to their grandparents. And which grandparent can say no to their grandchildren?

Socialstyrelsen had previously created ten low-intense exercises that the app is based on. Stendahls recorded brilliant videos of an actress who performed the exercises. In the app, the grandchildren can watch these exercise videos and then mimic each exercise as they record them themselves. They can also personalize the messaging to the grandparents before the grandparents are invited over SMS. The grandparents download the same app as the grandchildren and gain access to their personalized exercises.

Apparently, grandparents and grandchildren from around Sweden enjoyed the app and many ingenious exercise programs were recorded!

/> Client — Länsförsäkringar

Länsförsäkringar has customers all the way from Luleå in the north down to Ystad in the south. We want to make life simpler and more straight-forward for our customers. That’s why you will find us close to hand, with 23 local branches offering products and services within insurance, banking and pensions.


Easy for everyone

Creating a mobile app that is easy-to-use for both young and old can be a bit tricky. Stendahls iterated the design idea many times with Midnight Machines in order to present an app for Länsförsäkringar that worked for everyone. It seems that the young generation quickly got a grasp of how it worked. The grandparents are a bigger challenge, but with helpful information in the app and a little help sometimes from their savvy grandchildren, they managed to enjoy their exercise programs.

Same tech base for both iOS & Android

By using the platform technology React Native, Midnight Machines managed to work on one code base for both iOS & Android. The same developers could develop the app for both platforms at the same time.


One important thing about digital solutions today is of course to handle GDPR. Therefore, we created functionality in the app to totally delete all your GDPR data directly from the app.

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