One team, one fream!

How does it work?

There is a vast amount of truly talented art & tech creatives in the world. Many of them freelance. And that’s where Midnight Machines come in. We listen to our clients and identify what kind of people we need. Then we set up the client dream team consisting of the freelancers and our own experienced strategy & project management team. Again, all based on your ambition and budget. Continue

20 years of advertising / tech

Yes, we have worked at prominent advertising & tech agencies for the last twenty years. These experiences and take-aways are the foundation to all things Midnight Machines. Continue

Art 'n' tech creatives

We assemble talents for the dream teams from our network of art directors, designers, copywriters, UX, motion graphics, 3D, web developers & app developers. Continue

Remote projects

In order to run projects remotely, we have developed a collaboration platform. Creatives, project management & clients share a common view of the project in real time. Continue

Digital tech

We have some favourite technologies that we often suggest to clients for web and mobile apps. When creating company web sites, we dig the content management system WordPress. On the app side of things, we kick the awesome cross-platform React Native, but we can of course also do native iOS (Swift) and Android (Java). How about a web shop? WooCommerce in combination with WordPress is a very strong alternative. More or less all web frontend we rock, we rock with the JavaScript framework React. When you need some sort of web service with a backend, quite often the PHP framework Laravel is the right way to go. So-called “one-pagers” and web apps often fly very well with Node.js. Continue


Even though our main business is creative projects, we love to partner with startups and people with great business ideas. We need a great business idea and a strong will to drive the company in order for us to join forces as the creative tech partner.
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